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| Jazz - Germany (Dortmund)

Ctraltu - derived from the American icons art series, which states that there are only 3 directions - straight-ahead or back-control - alto-ctraltu. Musically, this is transferable - avant-garde - retro or a niche on the edge. Ctraltu's acoustic post-jazz goes forward and celebrates the music from and for now. In the classic 8-track method, the analog instruments are recorded mostly first-takes, mixed and presented. The days of editing do not fit into the jazz context, so too many smooth productions have often pushed jazz into the sounding area for elevators and shopping malls. Ctraltu is ... edgier, but also softer and often reminiscent of film music for films that only the listener knows. The production method is often lofi - but of course hi-fi components are recommended for listening. Rooms, pauses, sounds belong to the sound like the notes. Behind the project is Thomas Steffen from Dortmund, studying musicology, drummer training with Wolfgang Ekholt, sax, guitars, keys, bass, trumpet and vintage amps, synths characterize the sound of Ctraltu.

ctraltu is music from and for the moment - mostly acoustic - post-jazz, noise-jazz - whatever the label is. Brutal digital in distribution - because it is not retro. music for the moment- from bandcamp

ctraltu is lofi-nu-jazz. No bebop, no swing, but dominated by the electronic sound acoustic pieces are implemented on almost loop-like patterns, drums, bass, guitars, distorted electric pianos, trumpet, saxophones characterize the sound, which is also alienated by ground effects. These sounds are unique, moments, music from and for the moment. Many pieces are reminiscent of film music

A journey into sound - that is the idea of Thomas Steffen. Beside the music market Thomas is moving forward to collect ideas and sounds into a new kind of avantgarde jazz. Just driven by the fun to create and combine sounds and moods. Putting together all the experiences of learning and listening for that trip that will never lead to an end. Independend musician means to be free in any kind.


On one side we see the dusty church of jazz listeners dressed in black who expect nothing because the best happened a long time ago in their minds. On the other side we have a lot of good musicians working hard that have lots of ideas that cannot survive because the listeners are in the church of dust.

from AAJ - All about Jazz - Take five with ctraltu mastermind T. Steffen

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