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Girls Like You


| Electropop - France

Girls Like You is an electro-pop duo from Paris. Sandy Casado (writer, singer) and Thierry Sintoni (composer), are former members of Rise And Fall Of A Decade which released five albums and toured in Europe between 1989 and 2007 until the death of Pierre-François Maurin the band’s singer. After nearly ten years of silence, the two artists went back to music and found the inspiration for their new band’s name in one of the last Rise and Fall of a Decade’s song.

On He's A Leader, the band mixes electronic and classical sounds exploring various moods from melancholy (Kick’n’Run, ... Killing Summer) to psychedelism (A Girl Like You, Sniper) or more danceable ones (I Wait For Your Sign, Push me up). To be able to experiment and compose without constraint, Girls Like You built its own studio to take the time to craft its own sound. The lyrics cover all kind of inner conflicts inspired by all the different aspects of love and its consequences.
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