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Heymoonshaker are the unlikely pairing of two art forms that are decades apart; Grit-your-teeth, raw, blues guitar and expansive, heart-pounding beatboxing. What impresses most and has made their commitment to Beatbox Blues so successful is the indescribable chemistry these two have on stage. The musical sparring of Crowe’s powerful beats versus Andy’s possessed vocals forge together like two pieces of iron, creating an inspired piece of creativity and originality.

Not surprisingly, Heymoonshaker’s unique and energetic take on the blues has also been snapped up by festivals around the ... world. In March 2013 Heymoonshaker released their first EP ‘Shakerism’. This extended 8 track EP. This autumn the band re-release the EP as ‘Shakerism (Definitive Edition)’ which includes the track Colly Drop from their recent gritty film-noire music video and a solo beatbox piece recorded late last year in a studio in France.

Having just returned from a US tour and multiple showcases at SXSW 2014, Heymoonshaker now look toward a busy European touring schedule and another hugely busy summer of worldwide festivals, not to mention the release of their debut album. 2015 will rock as they'll release their first album on label Difyrecords.

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