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The year 2018 was all about going back to the roots for Medi. Based on his instincts, far from today's codes and marketing strategies, he felt the need to let the music speak and sing his heart out from the depth of his soul. He and his band played live shows as much as they could. The Nice native decided to start a new journey in June 2018 with the release of his new EP "My Life" that's reached about 500 000 streams as we speak.

Rewind. It all kicked off for Medi when in 2006 he released his first album “Medi and The Medicine Show” produced by Dave Stewart and fully recorded in the ... London studios of the former Eurythmics.

Between 2007 and 2010, he was guitarist of the queen of electro, Émilie Simon, drummer and arranger for Charlie Winston , with whom he traveled stages around the world following the huge success of their “Hobo” album which sold over a million copies around the world.

In 2011, as a true leader of a “soul”, “rock and roll” and “feel good” spirit, Medi released « You Got Me (Moving) » his first solo album which was recorded in Los Angeles by grammy award winner Shawn Everett, produced by Tony Berg and including collaborations with guitarist and producer Blake Mills to name a few. The album flagship single « How Would You Do It » was an international success, followed by a tour of more than a hundred concerts including a headline show at Fuji Rock as the single reached number 1 airplay in Japan.

A second album entitled « One Is Not Enough » was born in 2014 and it was during that year that the Nice-based artist joined his hometown and became a producer by founding his own label Dime On with which he launched careers of artists such as David Zincke , songwriter from the UK, who's first single "Oh My" and debut EP has been critically acclaimed.

Medi is a true entertainer never leaving the stage for too long, a songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist and recently became a music producer for big french acts such as Ben Mazué, Sophie Tith, Joyce Jonathan, or Frero Delavega for which he produced their number one hit single "Sweet Darling".

Stay tuned, 2018 will be there to write the sequel to an already busy career

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