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| Rock - Italy

Plootoh are Marco Cutrona, Massimo Nicoletti, Riccardo Pulvirenti and Mario Reito. The band started in 2010 with the strong desire to self-produce and distribute in 2011 an emblem concept album describing an introspective journey through music, words, sounds and images. The song "Caronte" inside the album was selected from the US label Trail Records to be included in the compilation "Psychedelic World Music / Discovery 2012". The record is performed during a mini-tour in the most important theaters of the indie scene of eastern Sicily. From this series of concerts a DVD titled "Plootoh - Live ... at Teatro Coppola" was produced and another one was made in 2013: the "Live at Lomax" record, that actually fits in as the second album of the band's discography. Representing a live transposition of "Plootoh", "Live at Lomax" sees the band re-arranging a quite different version of the first album and add an unpublished version of the song "Do You" never performed before.
After this first intense and full-time experiment, the band decides to search for new sounds and to aspire to a bigger and more curious project. The electronic and etheric sounds of the first album turn into the naturalness of the acoustic instruments and spontaneity of the amplifiers, creating the third album entitled "COLD" released in 2017. Recorded in two different studios, this work involved also musicians outside the band. So you can listen arrangements for string quartets, saxophone solos and double bass parts, designed to enrich the soundtrack of a disc that brings the band to a more mature and singular identity.

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