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this is shine noir

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Shine Noir


| Rock - Germany (Berlin)

A Berlin based band playing atmospheric alternative rock noir.
Bright guitars, big drums, pulsating bass and over the top a voice that changes between a fairy and a wildcat seamlessly.

Life is complex and they are in the thick of it - their sound comes from these facets and depicts them. Lightness and melancholy in a bitter-sweet embrace.

Catchy hooklines, singalong choruses and lyrics to think about, you get it all!
On January 01, 2018 the online release of the first album "Shine Noir" took place on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer and many other.

When the mates met for the ... first time at the end of 2014, Anne just wanted to record a few of her singer-songwriter titles in the technically well-equipped rehearsal room of Olli and No.

When Anne had played a few songs, a jam and creative phase began, which led away from the recording plans - but towards a band founding. To perfect it, Lemmy joined in and the project matured ambitious until it was in the focus of all of them and Shine Noir was founded. The introduced music styles and different preferences of the musicians (metal, singer/songwriter, wave rock) are he roots of the unique Shine Noir sound. It attaches importance to the equality of all instruments and the voice placed to be powerfull and danceable, yet atmospheric and detailed.

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