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Two Moons


| New Wave - Italy (Bologna)

Two moons is a musical project founded in 2009.
Two artistic souls in one band: one dark, the other introspective, linked to typical wave sound and the magnetic, shamanic and solar of modern electronic sound.
The Two Moons, offer acid and visionary atmospheres, representations of fragile post-industrial poetry, an imperious psychedelic – pop without any heavy individualism.
Two Moons’ musical production is a journey not told but illustrated, does not describe but represents an experimental soul that reveals a fascinating uneasiness.
In December 2009 the first self -produced EP is launched ... ”The first moon”, immediately greeted positively.
Two Moons are soon indicated as “Ondarock” and Band revelation of the year in the Italian wave music field. Following up are good reviews on the band as well as live concerts around Italy.
In December 2012 the first official album “Colors” is released.
This album is produced by the young Swiss label “Swiss Dark Night” A tour follows this album with more than 40 dates around Italy Switzerland, and Germany.
The album is preceded by the release of a single and video “Nothing” , part of the animated film “Arch Defender” of the well -known Canadian director David T. Krupic, winner of many important international prizes.
On June 2012, the Two Moons win the first edition of “ The special technical prize” “ Gothic Room Italia” a competition organized by Darkitalia.
On December 2014 the second album “Elements” comes out, with this album a collaboration with “IRMA RECORDS” and the press “SBAM” has origins. Positive reviews punctually arrive which acclaim the band’s quality.
The numerous tours in Italy and abroad (still on) is the proof that The two Moons are a Point of reference of the “new” NEW WAVE.
On December 2014, the Two Moons release the single “Rain” with a video written and directed by Stephan Zlotescu, guru of special effects.
On June 2012. The Two Moons are selected as best known names to take part in the compilation of “3.5 Decades” a gift to the made in Italy to Joy Division.
On the 13th of June the 2nd video part of the track “Live to give”.
The video has its origins in the collaboration between Two Moons and 2 Austrian realities Super+ and 13&9 Design .
2016 – the guitarist Vincenzo Brucculeri, announced that will not be part of the band.
2016 – Two Moons welcome Iacopo Palax as a new member of their band..
2017 – Outgoing new album “Cognitive Dissonance”

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