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| Electro - France (Rennes)

With several albums, eps and singles published by different labels from around the world, Ivan Muñoz (also known as Vigilante) is one of the most important electronic music artists and DJs from Chile.

His mix of electronic music and rock has already achieved worldwide recognition and gave him the opportunity to work with several legendary artists in remixes or original material such as: Public Enemy, Ministry, Powerflo (Cypress Hill), Computerartist, QO, Hanin Elias, Kryptomedic and many more.

In his DJ sets mixing different styles such as drum and bass, electro, dubstep and more, Vigilante ... always delivers a huge amount of energy, as he has already done in festivals such as Electron (Switzerland), Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Dox’Art (France) or Rock la mures (Romania)
He has also shared the stage with great artists such as Phace, Counterstrike, Dodge & Fuski, P0gman, Narkotek, Zardonic, Black Tiger Sex machine, Nine inch nails, Elisa do Brasil, Zone 33, Hallucinator, Atari teenage riot, Radium and many others.

Vigilante is currently working on several remixes, collaborations and new music.

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